Immersive XR Training

We have collaborated with ExxonMobil to build several immersive safety trainings using XR technology.

Drop your crew into real-life scenarios with hands-on walkthroughs.

Get the benefits of on-site training without leaving the office.

Distributed by Shiny Box Interactive.

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Cutting-edge tech; proven effectiveness.

The Immersive Technologies group at ExxonMobil has spent years refining its approach to integrating cutting-edge technologies and building systems to support their use, supported by its development partners here at Shiny Box Interactive.

With our industry-leading deliverables, we are able to create customized training simulations providing increased memory recall, memory retention and higher trainee engagement.

We've worked together with ExxonMobil to create highly-effective training simulations that leverage a variety of immersive learning techniques.

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Seamless integration into your curriculum.

ExxonMobil's training simulations have been designed with a focus on augmenting existing curriculum within your training programs. Need a more bespoke solution? Our team will be happy to help with that as well.

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We'll handle the hardware.

As early XR software and hardware adopters, we know the hardware for teams of all sizes. Our simulations can fit within your existing hardware availability and can be used right away. Additionally, Shiny Box Interactive can provide dedicated technical support for any hardware-related needs. If your team is looking for a lightweight solution, our simulations are also available on PC and mobile (non-VR) hardware.

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Say goodbye to training travel expenses.

Sending trainees offsite can be expensive or even prohibitively dangerous. With Immersive XR Training, you get all the benefits of offsite training without ever leaving your office.

Our Simulations

Lift Safety


An image from the Lift Safety simulation

A trainer will lead a group of VR and desktop trainees as they are placed in a series of realistic lift environments in real time. They'll learn to identify any safety issues before beginning the lift procedure, exercise stop work authority, and they'll experience firsthand how to identify potential safety hazards at a worksite.

Scaffold Safety


A screenshot from the Scaffold Safety simulation

Our scaffolding safety simulation focuses on teaching key safe behavior awareness through a variety of procedurally-generated interactive scenarios. Proper Safety Harness Inspection ensures workers can identify the proper PPE to use when working with scaffolding in a live environment. Safe Scaffolding Inspection reinforces industry best practices and builds skills for identifying improperly constructed scaffolding equipment or work sites. The simulation also includes a proprietary scaffold generation system, allowing trainees to hone their inspection skills on an infinite number of realistic randomly generated scaffolds.

Energy Isolation +


An image from the Energy Isolation + Lockout/Tagout simulation

Trainees are instructed on the proper execution of maintenance duties for a live energy system. The trainees use that knowledge to decommission the system and prepare the area for additional repair actions by correctly completing Lockout/Tagout sequences.

Looking for other content?

While the products shown are a small sample of the larger catalogue we are readying for public availability, we know that teams like yours may also have specific needs when it comes to training simulations. If you have a specific type of content you would like to see, please let us know. We are always looking for teams that can share their subject matter expertise with us to create industry-leading training content.

Hardware support

Shiny Box Interactive is a Houston-based XR and software consultancy and a key vendor partner for our company. They can help any team scale to meet hardware needs, assist with distribution and deployment, and provide post-sale support for our simulations.

If you already have your own hardware (of any brand), contact us to discuss integration of our simulations into your training offerings.

If you don’t want to jump into the XR deep end just yet, remember our simulations are highly flexible and can be deployed to hardware your teams may already have including PCs and mobile devices.

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We love sharing XR technology with others. Contact us to schedule a demo of any of our simulations.

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